Sunday, July 31, 2011

Books I've read so far

2011 has seen a specific uptick in my reading regiment.  I try to spend my free time reading as opposed to watching since reading helps me fall asleep better.  Here is the list of completed books:

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire
4 hour work week
Net Force
Hidden Agenda
PHP and MySQL Web development for dummies (yes I read a reference book - I'm a nerd at heart)
Alas, Babylon (my favorite book of all time)
The Bourne Identity
In fifty Years we will all be chicks (didn't actually finish this, but went far enough to say i read it)
Decision Points
The Zombie Survival guide

While I mostly read for entertainment and to "wind down" at night and these books have been enjoyable and interesting, the actual value of most of these books boarders right around superfluous.  For the last 1/3 of this year, I think I need to find some books that will challenge my "inner man" a little more.

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