Saturday, March 26, 2011

Four Hour Work Week - Review

I finished reading the Four Hour Work Week. As it's title suggests, this book details how to stop working the normal 40+ hour work week, and make the money you need on far less time.  It is all there, and I would assume that if you wanted to, you could generate the same or similar results for yourself by following the steps in the book.

If you have absolutely no desire to change jobs, or try to work remotely, etc. this book is still extremely helpful.  The theories used to organize, and streamline your work environment are invaluable.  You will be able to get more done in less time.  If you chose to get even more done in the time you save, ignore the last half of this book, but don't miss the first.  I have already begun to implement some of the suggestions, and my effectiveness at work is increasing.

Tim Ferriss is a fascinating author, and his success at all things under the sun has a fantastic appeal.  I find that his reaction to his freedom is to fill it with other self-fulfilling activities.  He does challenge you to leave the world better than you found it, but even that lacked the pathos I would expect.  I attribute that to my assumption of his lack of spiritual awakening that comes through a real personal relationship with Christ.  I do not want to presume to know Mr. Ferriss, or his spiritual life, but if you are looking for fulfilling suggestions on how to use your newly found free time, its just not there.  On the off chance Tim happens on this post, I mean no disrespect.

I find myself in the happy middle ground.   I have been working 50+ hour weeks and have been reasonably happy with my job.  I have no desire to work remotely at this point, so I am using the tools in the book to increase my effectiveness at work while lowering my working hours.  I have started to consider options for a muse which will supplement income and allow for future flexibility.

Go get this book from the link above. Its worth it!

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