Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cleaned out the old tech

My project for Saturday was to clean out the desk and get rid of some old tech items.  This was long overdue.  The computer the kids use was painfully slow. I had a machine that I was playing with ubuntu on, but since that project is over (i.e. I'm giving up trying to learn linux... again) I loaded windows back on it and got it all set up for home use.  Chrome browser with application shortcut to Webkins.  Pandora One for Veronica.  And I have our data share automatically copying to a mybook for backup purposes.

Our inkjet printer died a while back, so I installed a new one.  In the mix, I somehow fried the Dell Laser.  I will take it to work to see if it can be fixed.

I then took all our old tech items and threw out what was out of date.  Included was an old router, usb hub, and a joystick that had an actual game port connector.  I gave the girls some old cell phones, and we are officially cleaned out of any old technology.  This is hard for me, since I typically hold onto everything, but its a new day.

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