Friday, August 14, 2009

A Case for Early Marriage

I am hoping Google's servers crash and burn long before Norah or Avril have a chance to hold me to this, but I think this article, or at least its premise, is dead nuts on, and is something I have said for years.

I do not want to recap the whole article, as I would rather have you read it, even if it is a bit long. I will only say this. I find it against the character of God to PURPOSEFULLY build us with incredibly strong sex drives young only to say do not use it. It simply does not fit with the God I know. He does not design for no purpose. Instead, I think that sex drive is designed to unify two people, and to produce offspring, both of which are only possible under God's plan in the context of marriage. This does not minimize the directive to stay chaste if you are not married, but it is the only logical conclusion I can come up with to why sex drives are so strong so young.

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